Japanese Composer Arranger Association (JCAA)

Chairperson of the association:

Katsuhisa Hattori

Vice-chairpersons of the association:

Reijirou Koroku

Shigeaki Saegusa

Board members of the accociation:

Mitsuo Hagita, Takao Naoi, Toshirou Saruya, Tamiya Terashima, Kazuhiko Toyama, Toshiyuki Watanabe,

Tomoyuki Asakawa, Bob Sakuma, Yuki Hayashi, Takeshi Ike, Naoya Iwaki, Kenji Kawai,

Michio Kitazume, Yohei Kobayashi, Minako Seki, Akira Senju, Masatsugu Shinozaki, O Shinozaki,

Kouichi Sugiyama, Hiroaki Tokunaga, Kosuke Yamashita, Takahiro Yamautsuri

Honorary members (international):

Jerry Goldsmith

Donald Sebesky

Charles Fox

JCAA established in 1970, under the name of “Japanese Arrangers Association”. Then the association changed the

name JCAA - Japanese Composer Arranger Association, as most of all the members are composer-arranger.

In the year of 2011 JCAA consists of over 200 members, and all of our members are professionals working in

Japanese music and entertainment business, and their working field covers mostly all genres of music, from

contemporary to jazz, rock, pop music, commercial to pure music.

Many members of JCAA are taking important roles in JASRAC and other working groups.

JCAA became General incorporated association in 2010.

JCAA has been aiming at;

maintaining and expanding every kinds of rights of Japanese composers’ and/or arrangers’education for gifted

young musicians improvement of the knowledge and skills of composer/arranger improvement in the qualities of

Japanese culture.

JCAA is now the largest and most influential musicians society in Japanese music and entertainment bussiness.

Committee Of Contemporary Classic Music (Shigeaki Saegusa, Chairperson, Toshirou Saruya)

Especially concerning the contemporary classical music field, JCAA regard it as impotance in our society, JCAA

recently organized the committee, specialized in this field.

Committee Of International Affairs in JCAA (Joji Yuasa, Chairperson, Reiko Irino, Kazuhiko Toyama):

JCAA has made many relations with creative persons and associations internationally.JCAA has the committee of

international affairs which has chose honorary members bi-annually since 2001.

During the 2nd decade of the 21st century one of the main aims of JCAA is workingwith Asian composers and/or




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